I’m always buying new equipment.  Sometimes I wonder if the equipment really makes me a better photographer.  Every month one of the sites I frequent (http://myolympus.org) has a photo contest.  For last month’s contest one of the categories was “macro shots of items around the house”.  So rather than use my current 12MP body, I decided to see what I could do with my six year old 5MP Olympus e-1.   This was one of the first digital SLR cameras introduced.

Today there are cell phones that have more megapixels!  I decided to go totally “old school” and use the FL-40 used flash I just picked up from an online used camera store for $64.00.  This is an older discontinued model, but was the flagship flashgun for Olympus for many years.  To my pleasant surprise, when I mounted the flash on the trusty e-1, it showed the “TTL” (through the lens) indicator.  This means that the flash will “see” whatever I was looking at through the lens and automagically adjust itself to output the right amount of light.  I used my Zuiko 50MM f2.0 lens and set the aperture wide enough to make the shoe in the background appear out of focus and bounced the flash off the ceiling.  A couple of minutes in Photoshop to make it black and white and add some contrast, and voila!

The fun part wasn’t that I won the contest, but that I was able to make (what to me) is an interesting image with “outdated” technology and also that I still have the memory of these shoes.  Of course I don’t remember wearing them, but I remember my mom having them around the house when I was growing up and her giving them to me when I got older.  My mom is no longer with us, so these shoes are one of the few tangible physical links that I still have to my mother.  Hopefully in some small way that emotional connection I have to these objects is conveyed in the image I created.