I can walk about 2 blocks and be out on the one lane bridge that connects Steamboat Island to the mainland.  From there I can see the marina at Carlyon Beach with Mount Rainier in the background.  I should really be there every morning and every night, it’s very beautiful.  On this occasion, I was testing out my new Sigma 50-500 zoom lens, also known as the Bigma.  I got to the bridge just before sunset and managed to get a nice closeup of the mountain from many miles away and also a nice shot with the moon visible.  The “Bigma” is a fantastic lens for the money.  Very few lenses have a 10X zoom range, and most “super zooms” are not known for their sharpness.  The Bigma is not as sharp as some of the super telephoto lenses available from Olympus, but I was able to pick up a used one for under $1,000, while the Olympus super telephoto lenses are thousands of dollars.