This last weekend I shot with my favorite model, Goldie Godiva. She is the most creative model I’ve worked with. Every time we shoot together (this was our 5th shoot), we have a lot of fun and make some great images.

This time around she had the idea to shoot in front of a wall of photos of people with tattoos. She has no tattoos, and thought it would make for a fun dichotomy, her tattoo free body against a backdrop of tattooed people.

We shot in my small spare bedroom which I normally use as my workout room. We spent over an hour putting photos on the wall. We ended up with about 5′ X 10′ of usable space to shoot in. I used a couple of small inexpensive strobe lights and shot used a couple of wide angle lenses. I had to be creative with the space and the lack of high quality lighting.

I love working with her and it was a lot of fun trying to figure out how to make things work in that small space. I know she’s already cooking up another idea!