The Olympia Photography meetup group took a trip to the Degoede Tulip Farm which is located near Mossyrock Washington.  It’s a lot of fun to visit the tulip fields in Mount Vernon, but they can be quite crowded and getting shots of the tulip fields without a lot of people in them can be a challenge.  The Degoede Tulip Farm is closer to Olympia and much less crowded.  Gayle, the retail manager, was very accommodating to our group and very friendly.  In addition to the tulip fields there are greenhouses and a large retail store where you can buy beautiful flowers.

We had a small turnout for the event, I think partially because of the weather.  It was a gray overcast day and it was raining all the way from Olympia until just before we got to the tulip farm.  What some don’t realize is that an overcast day makes for fantastic shooting conditions!  The clouds act as a diffuser to help eliminate harsh shadows that you would have if you were shooting in harsh sunlight.  There was no rain the entire time we were there and there were a lot of beautiful shots taken by everyone in the group.