The photography class I was taking helped get me out of my studio and outdoors to enjoy the local beauty of Olympia.  It also helped me focus more on the photography and less on the technology.  I frequent a number of online forums and there is often a lot of discussion about “the best camera” and “the best lens” as if finding that one piece of equipment will make a huge difference in your photography.  I believe in using the best tools I can afford to do the job at hand, but I also believe that the space between my ears is just as important to my photography as the gear I’m using.

One of the things I’ve been doing lately is using my Olympus e-1 5MP DSLR and pairing it up with a couple of inexpensive used lenses I picked up (a Sigma 18-125 and Sigma 55-200 zoom) for about $100 each.  I picked up the e-1 for $100 also.

These shots were all taken with that kit.  They aren’t works of art, but I hope they illustrate that you don’t have to have a $5,000 camera body and a foot long lens to take decent photos.