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2010 personal project – my year in photos with Madame L – Month 6

For our shoot this month, Madame L and I retreated from the constant rain to my home studio.  She had purchased a beautiful shimmery silver gown just for our shoot and did some very nice makeup work.  As always, we had a lot of fun and I think we made some very nice images.

Lacey Car Show

The Olympia Photographers meetup group attended the Lacey Mid-Day Lions annual car show on June 19th.  It was a bit of a crummy day and had been raining most of the morning.  There were only two other members that braved the weather.  Fortunately the rain stopped and we were able to get some shooting in and check out the cool cars on display.  I had brought my Olympus e-1 5MP camera since it is weather proof.  All of the photos you see were made on a 5MP camera.  Not bad huh?!?

Night shooting with the Olympia Photographers meetup group

The Olympia Photographers meetup group got together to do some night shooting.  I recruited some local models from Model Mayhem and we went to the Olympia waterfront for some night shooting.  We met up at the South Bay BBQ (great food!) before the event.  Our models were Bryan,  Kenyatta, Stormy, and “The Man” (Bryan’s son).  There were also some interesting people in the area.  Two women were out on the pier doing some type of exercise.  A few of us brought speedlights and modifiers for some “strobist” style shooting.  It was fun to balance the flash with the ambient light of the setting sun, at least until the sun set and it got dark.

Others used on-camera flash and some used their tripods and made long exposures.  Bryan brought his street motorcycle, which made a nice prop.  I was able to get some nice shots of Kenyatta using a single flash (a Sunpak 383) and a brolly box on a stand.  We had some issues with the wind blowing over stands, but nothing got broken, we had a lot of fun, and some nice images were created. More photos from the rest of the group are online at the page:

Peggy’s Graduation

My sister recently graduated from college.  I just purchased an Olympus e-30 camera as an upgrade to my e-620 and was excited to use it in a low light setting.  The graduation took place at the Showare Center in Kent.  We were pretty far from the stage and it was almost dark.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get very good pictures.  I brought my 50-200 zoom lens and my FL-50R flash to give myself the best chance of getting good shots.  To my surprise and joy, the combination worked quite well.  I was able to get some pretty sharp images from where I was sitting and the FL-50R was able to cover the distance to the stage.  Most of the images were shot at 800 ISO and there was very little “noise” in the images.

Photo shoot with Sinful Desires

Sinful Desires (not her real name, obviously!) is a model I’ve worked with a few times.  She is a lot of fun, very pleasant to work with, and always puts her all into every shoot.  We did a couple of different looks in my home studio.  For the first series, we constructed a fake bed and I used my strobes at very low power so that I could shoot at a wide aperture and create a very shallow depth of field.  That’s why the images are so soft and out of focus starting almost directly behind the model’s face.  For the second series, I used only one light and created a lot of shadows to give her figure a lot of dimension and to create a bit of mystery.

Maghae and Denny’s Wedding

I recently had the honor of shooting Maghae and Denny’s wedding.  Maghae is a model that I have collaborated with a few times.  She is great to work with and a wonderful person.

Their wedding was at a community hall near Aberdeen.  I had seen photos of the interior of the facility prior to the event and was a little concerned that it wouldn’t be very photogenic.  When I arrived on the day of the event I was amazed at the transformation that had taken place.  Maghae and friends had spent the entire day before decorating and the place looked fabulous!  The wedding had a lot of traditional elements, but they also had a lot of fun.  It was one of the best weddings I’ve been to in a while and I was glad to be there both as friend and photographer.

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