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Ocean Shores

I usually go to Ocean Shores for the weekend every year in the early Spring.  The weather is usually miserable, but it’s a nice time to get away for some peaceful R&R.  This year the weather was actually pretty nice, although it was pretty cold and windy.  I love walking around the beach.  There are so many interesting things to photograph.

A girl and her Clydesdale

I recently shot with Ellie who goes by the interesting moniker of Sinful Desires.  We met at Fort Steilacoom in Lakewood.  Her horse, Caleigh is beautiful.  I was a little cautious at first and concerned about things like using a flash around the horse, but she was very gentle and even tempered.  We attracted quite a bit of attention!  A fun shoot all in all.

Tulips – Off Camera Flash (strobist style)

One of the assignments for the photography class I recently took was to use your on camera flash.  I have to admit, I would never use my on camera flash for serious photography.  I’d only use it in an emergency if I had to get a shot and the lighting wasn’t sufficient.  These images dramatically demonstrate the difference that a single speedlight mounted off-camera can make.  I’m using my Olympus FL-50R flash, which I can control remotely from my camera.  I’ve used a small Lumiquest Softbox III as a light modifier.

Here’s a shot using the on camera flash.  Note the harsh shadows in the background, even though I’ve separated the flowers a fair distance from the background.

If you have to use your on camera flash, try to modify it in some way to soften the light.  There are little screens you can buy that will soften the light.  Here’s a shot with my modifier – a little bit of bubble wrap and a rubber band to hold it in place.  The light is a little softer, but still rather harsh.

Here are some shots with an external flash mounted on a stand.

Here’s what the lighting setup looks like.

Art nudes with Amelia Talon

I’m way behind on my blogging!

I had a great shoot with art model Amelia Talon at the end of February.  She’s based out of Port Angeles and is one of the most beautiful models I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  I’ve been experimenting with dramatic lighting and post processing techniques.  I’ve been so busy that to date, this is the only image I’ve had time to process from that shoot.

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